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4 Most Common Dental Issues in Children

As a parent, you must be wanting your child to have the best dental health. Once their first teeth grow in, you should make them develop oral hygiene habits to prevent the most common dental issues. As dental issues are common in children of all ages, proactive and preventative care are so crucial. With the help of the experts in Thornton child dentistry, you can solve all your kid’s dental issues. But before that, you should know the most common dental disorders in children. 

Here are the most common dental disorders that children may have:

1. Tooth Decay or Cavities

Many children can’t brush their teeth or floss themselves. Some kids may have a sugary diet, which causes cavities. Tooth decay occurs once sticky plaque builds up on the teeth surface. The plaque acid eats and wears away at the teeth. A tooth filling is a treatment that can drill away the decay and fill the hole with a hard composite element. 

2. Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth create a lot of discomfort and can distract your child’s concentration and schedule. Tooth sensitivity may occur because of various reasons, such as cavities, bruxism, cracked/missed filing, newly-odd permanent teeth, and acid erosion. Consult a dentist immediately if the tooth sensitivity has occurred because of any dental-related issues, like cavities. 

3. Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease

Gingivitis and gum disease may occur in children and are common in pediatric dental patients. Gingivitis causes gum disease, which is indicated by swollen gums and little bleeding when your kid brushes teeth or flosses. 

Gum disease is more common in children with poor dental hygiene. This disease involves pain inside the mouth, gum recession, and swelling areas. 

4. Orthodontic Issues

Orthodontic problems may cause due to genetics with the shape and size affecting the ways your child’s teeth grow and get together. Some misalignment issues common in children are open bite, underbite, overview, and spacing complications. Book the first orthodontic appointment for your child when they are seven or eight years old. Orthodontic issues are more than a crooked smile. Your kid’s teeth misalignments can cause cracked teeth, jaw, and oral hygiene difficulties. 

The Bottomline

These are some of the most common dental issues in children. Hire a dentist in Thornton who has experience in treating children’s dental disorders. Plus, you should teach your kid the need for dental care and make them include it in their routine. 

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