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All you need to Know all about XPEL PPF and its benefits

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a transparent polyurethane film which enhances the look and performance of your car’s paint and secures it from natural elements and environmental damage. You can choose different XPEL PPF products to gain high-quality protection and preserve its aesthetics. Regardless of your car, the PPF Film can be applied to any vehicle using precise installation methods, ensuring your needs and budget are met.

XPEL works like a clear bra for your car. It is a transparent film with self-healing properties giving your car’s paint a tolerance against corrosion, abrasion, scratches and cracks. It is highly flexible and adheres to the shape of your vehicle. As it maintains your car’s integrity and look, it further enhances its resale value.

Benefits of XPEL PPF

Here are some benefits of XPEL PPF to safeguard your car. Take a look:

Heat-activated self-healing coat 

A significant attribute of XPEL paint protection film is its heat-activated self-healing properties. It can self-heal marks and scratches and makes your car look flawless even with regular use.

High-quality resistance to stains and scratches

Another amazing benefit of the XPEL clear bra is high-quality resistance to fading, swirl marks, stains and scratches. Even when your car stands in the sun, the film safeguards your paint from the sun’s hazardous ultraviolet rays and prevents it from fading. It shields your car from stains and harsh chemicals, and you will never face any discolouration or cosmetic disaster again.

High-technology acrylic adhesive

Some people think that PPF may damage their car’s paint, but XPEL comes with a high quality acrylic adhesive technique which doesn’t leave any residue. Hence, it poses no harm to your vehicle’s paint.

Durable protection

Most PPF films have a life of five to seven years, depending on your driving condition and maintenance. To get the most out of the film, you shouldn’t wash your car for seven days after the installation and always use a microfiber cloth to dry it post-washing. Also, use the two-bucket method to prevent any debris from staying on the car.

Seamless appearance

XPEL PPF offers a transparent and glossy look to your car. It shines like -new for several years.

No fading or turning yellow

Unlike other PPF films, which may turn yellow or fade with time, XPEL PPF looks flawless for years. It secures your car from all potential damage and prevents discoloration.

High-end edge-seal technique

While other films may sometimes lift off your car, XPEL PPF safely stays in its position and secures every inch of the surface from all possible damages. The edges of the film are fully sealed and will never peel out.

So, if you want the ultra-glossy high-end look for your car, then call the professionals and get XPEL PPF applied immediately. Get the highest level of quality and shiny color and protection for your vehicle. Give us a call and book an appointment, and we will offer you nothing but the best.

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