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Best Artificial Intelligence Blogs Newsletters

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, you’ll want to subscribe to one of the many AI-themed newsletters. Jack Clark’s newsletter is particularly good, and it features a short story about AI each week. Another, newer newsletter is Gradient. It covers one AI news story and one research paper per week, with five other stories and a few tweets thrown in. Both are excellent resources for people interested in AI, especially for those who want to stay abreast of the latest developments.

The Algorithm – If you want a comprehensive, in-depth AI news digest, subscribe to The Algorithm. The newsletter, written by Jack Clark, co-founder of the Anthropic company and former Policy Director at OpenAI, is written by a senior editor. Each email explains a topic in detail, and it often includes links to articles, podcasts, and events.

Data Elixer – Whether you’re an academic or an industry professional, a weekly subscription to this newsletter from the former NASA data scientist will be an essential part of your weekly routine. Each issue will highlight industry news, job postings, and more, including how to apply AI to your job. Furthermore, you’ll also get access to the “Tools and Techniques” section, which includes practical articles that will help you build AI skills.

Inside AI – This newsletter covers the latest news in AI, robotics, and neurotech, and contains useful links to job openings, events, and social posts. Inside AI also has 13 other newsletters, covering topics as varied as immersive technology and cybersecurity. And don’t miss the weekly AI news digest – it’s the best AI newsletter newsletters for technology-savvy professionals. Take a look!

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