Cosmetic surgery is the beauty destination

Arrived at the final destination of cosmetic surgery after having traveled many cosmetic surgery areas. The author’s article will discuss the final moments that must be considered regarding plastic surgery. 

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There are many things that I would like readers to think about together. “What exactly is our beauty?” “Who determines whether this is beauty, not ourselves or outsiders? Prescription?” And when we decide to do the surgery, who do we choose to be?

People create faces for us but are doctors enough?” And can that desire for beauty make us “trap”?

Surgery with NGV gas, similarities in differences

It comes when we writers come up with a topic like this. Because I felt a similarity to see the news of a gas-powered car exploding. Blame it on the gas vehicle that exploded, but no one had ever thought that the car that exploded could be equipped with a device that wasn’t. This standard or vehicle may be filled with LPG gas which is highly flammable gas. Often used to cook more than NGV gas, but when the news headline came out that “gas cars exploded” people did not dare to use gas. (Including the writer himself) The Petroleum Authority of Thailand had to come out to declare that the car was inspected and used non-standard equipment. including not filling NGV gas

Concluding that the person who exploded the car might be tricked into buying a substandard equipment. Or, you might see that cheap fixtures can be used as well, no need for expensive equipment. Or the installation location near the house is enough, we do not have to know the standard that the technicians come to install the equipment for us to learn directly or may be just a plumber. The electrician in front of the house came to hang the gas. So I came to open a gas shop. Causing such gas car explosions to happen repeatedly over the years, TV shows have presented the dangers of plastic surgery (again!) under the names “poisonous surgery”, “pocket doctor” and “surgeon addiction.” Karma” Of course, when hearing “surgery”, everyone must think of surgery because the word “surgery” means surgical treatment. He should have surgery, namely double eyelid surgery. For the chin, I’m not sure if it’s injections or not. The writer doesn’t want to comment, other than that, it’s about injections of various substances. Nana entered the face more. while injecting various substances into the face to change the shape Or that facial structure can not be combined with plastic surgery, the writer would like to say that actually plastic surgeons who graduated from the training system Of 90 percent of the Medical Council, no one injected various substances. into the face And it is not popular to inject with cosmetic injections that are really accepted is the fat injection that has been screened. With fat injections that are rich in stem cells only, I have written here and I do not regret the fate of being born as a plastic surgeon. That is, when there is something bad or bad in the beauty industry or plastic surgery, the surgeon will always stick to the front of the body. But what I would like to clarify is that in the beauty industry, there are not only cosmetic surgeons who are engaged in their careers. Those who are interested in this field also come to work in the field of beauty as well.

Of course, all doctors who graduated from medical school for 6 years will receive a license to practice medicine and be able to work in all areas of medicine. Since the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure Appendectomy, caesarean section, general anesthesia, splinting broken bones, dislocated joints, or even tooth extraction. The writer can tell that the writer himself after graduating 6 years is “just enough to do” in all of the above, but “not good at it” because of many things. It was more difficult than a normal doctor. Therefore, the Medical Council has trained specialists in various fields, especially ophthalmologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, surgeons and plastic surgeons. which is a sub-branch in surgery, but as mentioned above Than that doctors in each field are good at each other and are responsible for taking care of patients. On different sides as well, for example, the writer himself is a plastic surgeon, but if someone wants the doctor to give birth to him, the writer can do it if he is afraid of the wound being unattractive…. with no courage for fear of not doing well Unless the writer was sucked back in the old days where there was no specialist doctor or in the middle of the forest if this was the case. Writers can do anything because all patients have no choice either. interested in beauty The writer saw that there were many people who had come to try and become fascinated until they stopped working on their own. graduate in a specific way But turned to work in this field all the time. I don’t know what’s on your mind as I have heard There is an obstetrician-gynecologist to do rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, double eyelid surgery, and lip surgery (good to cut the upper lip so you don’t accidentally cut the lower lip). (a doctor specializing in urinary system) to do rhinoplasty Probably not stuffed with a silicone nose shape like I’m familiar with. I used to put it on a regular basis…hahaha But lately, what I hear often is that acne doctors come to liposuction heavily (real acne doctors are not eye doctors because real doctors or dermatologists don’t do it) wait a minute, but let me tell you that I’m not “Hanging”. “Worried” more. I will find out that the writer wrote this because there are hidden (hidden agendas). Some states say that writers are too lazy to do it. Fat, oily, wrist pain will die. Let’s invite you guys to suck or smoke fat to relax. But be careful, check your horoscope before it’s better to have a move to work in Hong Kong or not (not Hong Kong. The writer refers to the prison cell. Simply put, “go to jail” because liposuction the patient and the patient is shocked to death in bed). If not, then go, but if there is, better not. It’s not worth it. I told you that I was really worried. All that was written Writers would like to think of a comparison between Surgery with NGV gas. Similarities in The difference is, of course, we humans have skin and are not mechanical. Therefore, we need to find out if we are thinking of installing a new nose, new chin, breast augmentation, as well as new double eyelids. We must also check to see if the installation location of the equipment is installed. Including the personnel who installed the standard or not? Otherwise, problems may follow. In the event of a car explosion, fortunately, Thailand can check the list of plastic surgeons on the website of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Thailand. Thailand too