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Important Features Of An Education Platform

An education platform is a must-have for every institution these days, whether it is for generalized or private courses. The best platform for selling online courses(learn how to create an online course here) is one that has diversified features useful for students and is widely accepted by them despite the other tools they are used to. 

Most online education platforms are meant to deliver Text, video, and audio content. Unlike a textbook, there are lesser theoretical aspects and more practical and interactive features in these platforms to foster communication among students as well as teachers. Digital platforms were not that advanced in the pre-pandemic time, yet with the coronavirus on the rise, institutions learn to modify and improve them to benefit students all year round and carry on classes without the help of traditional classes at all. 

But how useful is an online platform? The best platform to sell courses(learn how to sell courses online here) is the most useful and relevant one and deserves the maximum investment in its features. However, you cannot sell your online course if your platform does not have the following features;

Easy navigation and interface

The interface is the most integral thing whenever setting up an online platform. It is not a feature in itself, but it helps students and other users to easily access Bizibuz 一站式課外活動平台, and go through the available pages. It also makes interaction among students and teachers easily, so that icons, text, and other details load quickly and are legible.

Since teachers and students would have to navigate throughout the app for a huge part of this session, attend video lessons, submit assignments, and express their doubts while waiting for feedback much attention is paid to improving the user interface of the platform. The platform designers can do this and must ensure that the website is glitch-free and performing efficiently. Students will be encouraged to use the platform for learning if they can use all the functions smoothly. It also builds their faith in the institution for providing them with the best learning materials.


When you first launch an online platform, it needs proper branding to generate traffic and increase the number of students who access or use this platform. For this, branding is necessary. It also facilitates customization or personalization of learning resources which an institute provides by adding a logo or watermark. When students shared these notes with outside resources, the friends they would like to help, or anyone else, they must be able to recognize that the learning material comes from a particular learning platform and all rights are owned by them.

This will encourage other students to look up the website, increasing the traffic. Moreover, it might also give a sense of belonging to the students because they feel their notes have been customized according to the institution they study in. The school also has the satisfaction of knowing that its content cannot be used by other institutions as their own.

Offline availability

Although remaining online can allow students to look up many resources and use the entire platform, most students don’t have access to data in such a way and would prefer saving some text offline. Making content available to download for reading offline helps students study truly from anywhere they want. Internet connectivity is also an issue in India, at least in some urban and suburban areas. To include them and make the online platform more diverse, the option for downloadable content is a must-have.

Assessment tools

Not just homework pages, students should have complete access to mock tests to practice before their examinations. Teachers can pre-make the test paper for every topic to allow students the freedom of practice whenever they won’t, whether in between the session or right before examinations. It facilitates the learning pattern of every student.

Include as much diversity as possible in these assessment tools, such as squeezes, long answer types, multiple choice questions, etc.

Privacy policy, licenses, validity

Every page has its privacy policy dictating the right it has reserved and what students had signed up for when they first logged into the platform. Some parents would also like to inquire about the licenses and rights owned by the institution, features, or the platform as a whole. The school can easily make this available on a separate privacy policy page. However, not every detail should be accessible to parents or logged-in students because a few licenses have confidential information.

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