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Interior vs. exterior basement waterproofing: what’s more important for your basement

Entering into a moist, musty basement is bound to ruin your day. A wet basement leads to property damage and can cause health issues like allergies, respiratory problems, and more. This is why it is essential to go for a waterproofing system. But what do you mean when you say waterproofing? And what is the significant difference between exterior and interior waterproofing? Well, here you shall find out the benefits of both types of waterproofing systems and the best one for you.

What is waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing is a procedure to make your basement area water-resistant so that it remains unaffected by any water invasion. Whether the water enters through the crack, rainwater, window well, gutter, or any other way, basement waterproofing deals with all the intrusions and helps you make the areas waterproof. The method of waterproofing differs from building to building. And hence, professionals should inspect your water leakage issue to find the best solution for your space. Overall, professionals suggest two types of basement waterproofing: exterior and interior.

Difference between exterior and interior waterproofing

Interior waterproofing involves waterproofing your basement walls from the inside. It is majorly done by layering or coating the wall with a membrane to prevent water from seeping through your basement walls’ cracks to cause further damage.

On the contrary, exterior waterproofing is done on your basement walls from the outside and with a drainage system installed all over the perimeter of your foundation. This type of waterproofing prevents water from collecting near your foundation ground to cause any damage.

Now that you’re aware of the difference between exterior and interior waterproofing, you may think about the benefits that each type of method offers:

Benefits of interior waterproofing

  • It helps avoid water from seeping through wall cracks
  • Allows your basement to remain dry and free from mold growth
  • Secures your belongings from getting damaged
  • Keeps your basement insulated

Benefits of exterior waterproofing

  • Prevent water from entering the foundation through the ground
  • It helps maintain the curb appeal of your home
  • It keeps your foundation preserved from water damage
  • It is a long-term investment to keep your basement waterproof

Which method is correct for you?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. It majorly relies on your particular needs, the damage’s severity, and the basement’s condition. However, both waterproofing methods are recommended to protect your basement against water damage.

It is suggested to consult a professional waterproofing company that can inspect the damage and recommends the proper remedy accordingly.


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient waterproofing company, you have several options to look for. Waterproofing PD is an ideal solution specializing in interior and exterior waterproofing and helps keep your basement dry.

So, call the professionals to get your basement inspected and book an appointment. You can also get a free estimate for their services and proceed accordingly. Rely on them, and you will get the best results for your basement.

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