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Is summer the best time to prune trees?

For some strange reason, homeowners believe that fall is the right time to prune trees, especially in places with four seasons a year. An important aspect of pruning trees knows the best time of year to prune plants or trees; otherwise, you will damage even the most well-maintained plant or garden. If you prune the trees at the correct time, it positively affects the health of your plant and trees mytoptweets. It is recommended to prune when trees are in a dormant state, but there are exceptions.

While a few trees should only be pruned during summer, others should never be pruned during summer. Broken, dead, and diseased branches should be immediately removed, irrespective of the timing.

Homeowners ask local arborist a very common question: Is summer the best time to prune the trees? Here is a comprehensive guide given to help you understand this.

When can you trim a tree during summer?

Here are some exceptional situations where you would need to trim branches off a tree:

Branches hanging down where people walk- You may chop branches off trees any time of the year if you have a situation that needs your immediate attention. For instance, as the growing seasons get along, branches often grow longer or get heavy and come your way. In such a case, you would want to cut the limbs back.

Your tree has been damaged due to a storm- During summer, storms can damage trees your trees, and the damaged part of the tree can anytime fall on people or structures. In this case, it is always better to trim the damaged branches or parts of the tree.

Depending upon the circumstances, you may either prune the damaged branch or remove the whole branch altogether.

If the branches are high, hiring a professional is better than handling something you are not an expert in and getting injured. Experts know how to tie limbs up so they can slowly lower the limb after trimming it.

Dead parts of the tree should be trimmed-In order to lower the risk of injuries or diseases from falling branches; it is best to trim any dead branches as soon as you notice them. It may take months for a dead part of the tree to rot and fall off naturally. The exact time at which the branches may fall cannot be predicted. There is a high risk of falling on a person walking around the tree. And when the dead branches fall off naturally, there is a stub left that looks unpleasant.

When you spot a damaged part of the tree, the best course of action is to remove it immediately, as this will ensure safety and aesthetics. You, your house, or a person is saved from the damage that might have occurred if you had not trimmed the dead limbs.

Pruning the trees at the best time is essential. Tree pruning promotes fruit bud growth and enhances the fruit’s quality. It allows natural light to reach all the parts of the tree. If you want to get your trees pruned properly without any damage to any person or property, then you should hire a local arborist.

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