Law & Order Revival – Is it As Good As the Original?

If you’re a fan of the original Law & Order, you’ve probably heard about the recent revival. While the revival largely adheres to the original’s formula, there were some noticeable problems. In general, the characters don’t feel particularly “lived in” and the show lacks wit. The cast is a mixed bag as well. Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy returns after a long hiatus. While the show was a huge success in the original, the reboot is not up to that same standard.

Despite a solid cast, this new version of Law & Order isn’t quite as good as the original. While the main cast includes some great actors such as Jeffrey Donovan and Hugh Dancy, the character relationships are largely stereotypical and lack any real dynamic. The characters don’t have enough chemistry to work as a team, and there’s no strong dynamic between them. In particular, there’s no chemistry between Donovan and his co-star Anthony Anderson. Instead, their relationship is often contentious, and they disagree on a lot of things.

As a fan of Law & Order, you’ll want to be sure to catch the new show on Thursday, February 24 on NBC. The reboot won’t change the formula, but it will bring in some new faces. The series will still focus on district attorneys prosecuting criminals and police investigating crime. In addition, the cast will also have a fresh, diverse roster of actors.