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Lewandowski crossed the 600 goal mark in his career, becoming the 3rd player in the 21st century to do so.

The Pole continues to score points for his new team. Right now the player is the top scorer of Barcelona. In the last match of the Primera Division against Villarreal he wrote down the double in his account. These goals were for the player 599 and 600 in his career, a unique achievement that only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi could achieve.

Career start

Before his arrival in the German championship, the player spent several years for teams of his country. The best results the player showed for Lech and Znich, for 4 years in these clubs the Pole scored a total of more than 60 goals. For the local championship Robert became a real discovery, everyone predicted a great soccer career for the player.

Borussia Dortmund

The player’s special effectiveness was noticed by the scouts of the German team. In 2010, the then unknown player was bought by Borussia Dortmund. The player did not manage to become the main striker immediately, but over time Pole became an indispensable player in the team’s attack. In the new team the player spent 4 years, during this time he managed to win with the team several trophies. The team even managed to reach the final of the main European club tournament – the Champions League. Although Borussia failed to win the final, it was a very decent performance from the team and individually from the striker. Lewandowski scored more than 70 goals in 131 games for the club.


The Pole spent his best club period for this very club. Almost 250 goals in 8 years of playing speaks for itself. With the team, the player was able to become one of the best strikers on the planet. The player set many records in the Bundesliga. With the team, the player was able to win many individual and club awards.

Lewandowski’s former team will already meet his current team, Barcelona, in the 5th round of the Champions League on October 26. If you want to make watching this match more interesting, you can go to the best betting company in Uganda.


In the national team player also noted an incredible performance – nearly 80 goals in 134 games. For the Polish national team Robert is a real leader and the best scorer in the history of his team.


The player started his way in the new team only this summer. But even this time was enough for him to get used to the new team and start scoring goals on a regular basis. The player is only 34 years old, he may well spend a few more seasons at a high level. Therefore, the mark of 600 goals is not the limit of the player.

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