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Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has become a social media phenomenon with the launch of his twitter account. He has even garnered a lot of attention from the international community. In fact, he is even on the cover of the popular magazine Tech Crunch. This article explores some aspects of his personal life, his biography, and the influence that he has on the social media community.

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Social media influence

It’s been a year since President Barack Obama was inaugurated into office, and he’s already racked up a number of firsts. He’s been the first president to tweet, and the first to deliver a weekly national address on You Tube. He’s also the first to use Instagram and Snapchat filters. But as social media grows and Twitter changes, he has had to defend his use of the social networking platform. As a result, many of his followers are angry with his tweets. And he’s even had to censor the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of Twitter.


The Obama administration removed a ban on federal agencies using social media in official capacity in 2009. However, the current White House has been reprimanding federal agencies that deviate from policy. The National Park Service, for example, had to take action after being directed to delete a series of tweets that criticized the crowds of Trump’s inauguration. Similarly, the Environmental Protection Agency was instructed to stop using climate change references in its web site and to censor the social networking account.