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Ways to clean and dry your carpet

An essential part of interior decoration is carpet which can be found in any part of the house. Carpets provide a variety of benefits like it adds beauty, it improves indoor air quality, etc. Owing to the benefits it provides, one should not ignore its maintenance. It is important to keep your carpets clean as they take so much abuse from sandals, shoes, spills, pets, etc. Bacteria also start growing in it if not taken care of, especially if it is not properly dried after cleaning hertube.

Here are a few tips mentioned on effectively cleaning and disinfecting your carpet so that you can have a clean and healthy environment.

Carpet Cleaning

For regular maintenance, try to vacuum the high-traffic area daily; this way, you will get rid of the day-to-day dirt or vacuum once a week. You can take your carpet for deep cleaning once a year. At the same time, vacuuming ensure that no spot is missed out. Also, after a couple of months, turn your carpet upside down and clean the part touching the ground to prevent dust and bacteria from collecting on it newmags. For deep cleaning, you can either opt for a professional cleaning company or do it by yourself. If you are thinking of doing it independently, you can easily do it with the help of cleaning agents or a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is recommended as it is mild for the carpet and is healthier for the house and your family.

Professional cleaning

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you may hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They have a variety of techniques, and each of them comes with its benefits. They clean your carpets, removing dirt or even greasy stains. They also offer a treatment known as a bacterial treatment, which helps efficiently kill all harmful microorganisms. You can either call them home to provide the service or simply send your carpet to their place, and they will get it done for you. There is also a strong argument in favor of getting it done by the specialist – they use green carpet cleaning substances that are completely safe for you and your family. Moreover, they will bring your dull-looking carpet back to life and make it look bright and odorless.

How to dry the carpet after cleaning it?

If your carpet is wet or just damp, it will provide the perfect condition for bacteria to thrive and multiply rapidly. This bacterial growth will damage your carpet and adversely affect your family’s health. Therefore, it is recommended that whenever you get your carpet cleaned, make it a point to dry it completely. Depending upon the weather condition, it can take somewhere around 10-24hours. You can even use your heater if you do the cleaning during winter.

Dehumidifiers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners are other brilliant options that you may try to make your carpet dry. But if you are getting your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company, ask them to use a fan or blower to dry out your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is tedious and requires a lot of patience, especially drying it out. No matter how hard you try cleaning your carpet and rugs, still, after 3-4 years, it will not look and smell the same. So it is better to leave it to the professionals to get it done for you by using the most appropriate technique.

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