What is the Best Way to Keep Recipes?

Once you’ve gathered all your recipes, you’ll need a way to store them. In a recipe book, you can make different categories and headers, and you can keep recipes you’ve already tried in separate sections. You can also use an accordion recipe folder, with the same category slots, to house recipes you haven’t tested yet. Keep only those you use regularly and that you’re confident you’ll enjoy.

The best way to store recipes will depend on how many you’re storing, and whether you have a fixed space or a flexible storage system. If you only have a few favorite recipes, a digital recipe file might be your best option. You’ll be able to access recipes from multiple devices, including your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, without worrying about damage or storing them in one place.

Another option for storing recipes is to create index tabs. This will make them easier to find and take up less space on your counter. You can also use page protectors to keep long recipes together. A binder is also a good option for organizing recipes that aren’t printed or digital. Some recipe binders come with supplies. Others can be purchased at an office supply store. You should also consider your budget and personal preferences when selecting a recipe keeper.